March 21, 2010

Hi all,

I just spent the last week in Boulder Colorado and now I’m back and enjoying the lovely day. While I was on vacation I wrote several “posts” in my journal, but didn’t have easy access to a computer so I am just now putting them on our blog.

A Hike to the Hike

Boulder Colorado, March 16th 2010, the sun is shining bright and the 60-65 degree air is warm but still holds the crisp freshness of spring. Its the first day of my six-day spring vacation. It won’t be extravigant or luxurious, but it is a break from the daily grind which is just what I need.

Breakfast composed of iced coffee and left-over pizza and a walk to the grocery store to stock the hostle fridge with groceries for the week to come is all I have on the agenda. With my day’s work done my boyfriend and I are now ready for adventure.

We confer on what to do next. “Why not a hike?” we say “baseline road is supposed to bring us to a nice spot.”

As we walk out the door we meet Tim, the California native who works and lives at the hostle and who had checked us in the night before. “Where you guys headed?” he asks,
“We’re going to hike at Chattaqua National Park.”
“You got a car?”
“A bit of a hike to the hike then. Good Luck”

Two hours, two sunburns and a tired butt latter we collapse on our bed and conclude that Colorado just kicked our ass.


Hello world!

February 6, 2010

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